ICM Fellows, Spring 2020

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At the beginning of the 2020 spring semester, ICM welcomed two inaugural Global South fellows for a two-to-four month residency to undertake research, writing, and/or collaborations related to the Institutes’ work on comparative modernities.  They met the challenges of the pandemic lockdown with aplomb, humor and courage, and were able to safely return to their home countries. 


Vanamamalai RatnamalaVanamamalai Ratnamala is an associate professor of Communication Studies at Mizoram University, India. Her research interests include Caste and Communication, Media and Minorities, with emphasis on Dalits, Media and Conflict reporting, and mapping indigenous media in Mizoram. She is working on a research project that examines the complex, sometimes conflicted coexistence of global media and indigenous media networks in the Mizoram state.




Davina Kawuma

Davina Kawuma is a poet and novelist, with academic training in zoology and botany. Her field work in wildlife conservation in Uganda, and her perspective on the legacy of colonial conservation practices, informs her writing project at Cornell. Her research interests range from ornithology to poetic form, and the means by which to engage new perspectives in with women’s voices by experimenting with poetic form. She is working on a poetry cycle that explores nature, sound, gender and voice.