Professor Dadi Recipient of Getty Foundation Grant

Fri, 01/18/2019

Professor Iftikhar Dadi is the recipient and Principal Investigator of a $238,000 grant from the Getty Foundation's Connecting Art Histories initiative. This grant will support a series of research seminars titled Modern Art Histories in and across Africa, South and Southeast Asia. The grant has been awarded through the Institute of Comparative Modernities (ICM) at Cornell, of which Dadi serves as co-director.

ICM has partnered with the Dhaka Art Summit (Bangladesh) and Asia Art Archives (Hong Kong) to bring together a team of leading international faculty and emerging scholars to investigate developments in the artistic and cultural histories of modern South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa. In order to strengthen scholarship and research in global contexts, the grant will support emerging scholars of this region for two in-person meetings: Hong Kong in August 2019 at the Asia Art Archive, and at Dhaka during Dhaka Art Summit (Feb 7-15, 2020). Additional distance learning sessions will also be held during 2019-20.

The program is led by Iftikhar Dadi, with Dr. Elizabeth Giorgis (PhD 2010) (Addis Ababa University), Dr. Salah Hassan (Cornell University), Dr. Simon Soon (University of Malaya), Dr. Sanjukta Sunderason (University of Leiden), Dr. Ming Tiampo (Carleton University); Organizers Diana Campbell Betancourt (Dhaka Art Summit), Amara Antilla (Solomon R Guggenheim Museum) and the Asia Art Archive team led by John Tain (Head of Research) with researchers Sneha Ragavan, Chuong-Dai Vo, and Michelle Wong.

Iftikhar Dadi is associate professor in Cornell University’s Department of History of Art, co-director of the Institute for Comparative Modernities, and director the South Asia Program.